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Adam Smith is widely regarded as the father of modern Economics and spent most of his academic life at the University of Glasgow. His magnum opus, the Wealth of Nations, is considered one of the seminal texts of the 18th century and the foundation of classical Economics. The Business school is named in his honor, as is the University’s Adam Smith Economic Society.

With over 300 members the Adam Smith Economics Society is the largest and one of the oldest academic society on campus. We offer our members a variety of events throughout both firs and second year, ranging from academic such as CV workshops to social events such as sub-crawls!

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​Our aim is to provide our members the necessary skills and relationships to develop as individuals and prepare them for their career path.

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ASES & GUCS Business Case Competition

For the past three years, we have partnered up with the Glasgow University Consulting Society in order to organise the annual ASES & GUCS Business Case Competition, one of the biggest events happening at the Business School every year.

The Business Case Competition is an opportunity for students to compete in teams of 4 and present a business case in front of a panel of judges. This is an event that develops students' professional skills, allows them to apply knowledge gained in the lectures; and brings together students, alumni and business professionals for an evening of networking.